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Month: May 2011

Conspiracy theorists discover pentagon hoax

Were Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama really watch live video feed during the US Military’s conclusion to the hunt for Obama Bin Laden? That question is up in the air again, as we’ve uncovered the ORIGINAL¬†“proof of witness” picture, which shows these American politicians display of shock and awe were for altogether different reasons. Oh yeah! – Claytoon! [ Clayton…

Kubasa Cowboy chorus teaser

So I’ve begun experimenting with Garage Band (yes again, but this time for music rather than podcasts), Adobe SoundBooth, and singing. Garageband has some great “make music out of thin air” functionality. However with the track ‘snaps’ when placing multitracks it lacks some finesse. So I’m finding a good back and forth bounce between it and SoundBooth can get the…