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Month: November 2012

Red Raven Saga – Part 1

Years back I found myself browsing the news stand in a 7-11 in Thornhill, Ontario. Not browsing for news mind you, but for comics. It was there I noticed Red Raven. As I reviewed I found out it was Canadian content, so immediately bought it and took it home to read (with the rest of the stack). Little did I…

Sketch of the Day – The Wilchowy Bears

This is a more recent drawing – I’d started it for Christa’s birthday and finished inks not too long ago. I’m waiting to find the proper over-sized frame (which may be at IKEA when it opens…have to check, and sample their meat balls). I’ve been experimenting with ways to transfer my drawings to the computer. Scan-sized stuff works fine, but…

Sketch of the Day

Today’s drawing of the day. There’s only one more villain as slippery as the notorious Man-o-Worms. And he doesn’t come out in the daytime (Sgt. Shingle Slugg!).  This Lumbricus Terrestris has your number! Stay tooned for appearances in upcoming publications of the Cropcrushers of the 23rd Century!