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I heart Smurfs/Smurfs must die : iphone app game review, and the speculation that may squash it

So lately I haven’t had or found the chance to do much gaming. Every now and then I/we will pick up the Wii, but moreso these days for Karaoke (Netflix is in a different category for me). I have two games that I’ve played casually on Facebook. Farmtown being one. But Farmtown’s been a ghost town for me, over the past 6-8 weeks? To many other things going on.

So for someone with NOT too much time on their hands, but still interested in gaming like myself, you may find some conduit connections to still let games trickle in. For me, it’s the iPod touch. I rely muchly on the handy device. Some email, Facebook, lots of reading, lots of podcasts. And a bit of the old gaming. As I said, I rely on it lots. So I became a little disturbed the other week when I found my battery started get deathly short. 3 days worth turned into 3/4 of one day.

To battle this, I figured first I would take advantage of the iOS update of last week. Must be software (hope it’s not hardware!) so the update should fix things. It didn’t. But before I’d concede to having to potentially purchase another? Which according to budget, is out of the question? I would grind my gears to wonder if there could be any other reason…

… and there might be. See, a few days before the iOS update, I did download a new game. A fun game. One that fed my electronic addictions and desire to foster a virtual farm. Well, upgrade that to village. I downloaded the Smurfs game, from Capcom. And it’s great! In so many ways! And I’ll go into them in part 2 of this. But I also realized…that having an iPod game, with continuously timed events (such as crops/construction), that takes advantage of push notification… and always keeps ticking away at it’s virtual (real) time, even when I’m not playing…

…well I realized that there is a village full of battery attacking blue terrorists living on my iPod even when I’m not watching. So I’ve just uninstalled it. I’ll report back on my battery consumption shortly…

The Worst Smurf Ever

- Claytoon! [ Clayton Wilchowy ]