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The Dark Matter of Dreams

So I had a strange dream last night. Enough I decided to jot down the highlights. I have a blog. You do the math :p

Heh, yes I figured I would catalog this one strange dream here and invite you to come to whatever conclusions of what dreams mean.

Dream begins. I’m in on a virtual planetoid. It resembles the moon, but is bean shaped, kinda round, and is about the size of a couple of houses. You can see the texture mapping on the surface, so you know it’s “in game”, and not real. I’m surrounded by some high school chums that I haven’t been around much in some time (decade plus). Joel, Vern, Paul, Wes, and a few assorted other folks I don’t know.

Now as things went along and we studied the virtual environment (amazed and analyzing the detail of the immersive simulation) it just gradually turned real. You know how dreams to that seamless transition. We were on the surface of the moon. Still exploring and talking. The conversation turned to “the dark matter between the stars”. I looked into the sky, and could suddenly make out a perfectly shaped “L” of dark space – knowing it was obscuring stars behind it.

As I stared at the black “L” in space, while all other details faded from focus, I suddenly realized the nature of the conversation had changed. I looked around and realized we were all back on earth. In some grassy park inside some unknown city. A bum/vagrant was walking very close, and I realized he could not see us. It seemed we were in a tent that, well, looked very peculiar from the inside. You could see through it, but also see stars and space in overlay. The way the bum was reacting, you could tell that he could not see us. The tent was bending light- making us invisible to those outside.

All of a sudden the bum/vagrant/transient (whatever) bumped into the tent and ruffled the fabric. We opened the door and emerged from our invisible-but-fragile enclosure. All of a sudden there were A LOT of vagrants, in one big group. Curious and walking towards us. I quickly muttered to my friends that we should all speak in strange accents, so we could tell them we were adventurers from the future – whom had traveled to that park for recreation and silent study (with the invisible tent we could observe without interfering).

And then I woke up. My alarm went off! It was the second time I hit snooze too, so couldn’t go around for the third. Have to say it was the most entertaining dream I’ve had… well in at least a week or two. Anyone out there have such sleep-time adventures? (I dislike sleep, but love it when a dream happens. If only I could guaranteed at least one remembered dream per night).

- Claytoon! [ Clayton Wilchowy ]