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I don’t know about you, but I grew up in a time and day where we were taught as children that there were enough nuclear arms to destroy the planet 10 (or 20?) times over. So you’ll imagine my surprise when I come across this link on my Blastr geek news feed that states:

…Hey, got a one-megaton nuclear bomb handy? You’ll need 57 quadrillion (5.7 x 1016) more if you want to blow up the planet.

Yikes. The total nuclear arsenal of every nation on Earth combined is probably somewhat less than 100,000 megatons, so we come up a bit short. That Death Star must have had some very large batteries in those reactor rooms….

So were we being lied to all those lets-move-back-to-more-off-a-hippie-lovin-in-state? Those Regan/Mulrooney years made for some great, scary thoughts as the cold war winded down. But even my imagination assumed we’d need (in the neighborhood of) 57 quadrillion nukes.

Which gets me thinking – maybe they were just talking about surface damage? This link is really about obliterating a planet. Maybe the cold war was more so referring to a humanity-ending, aggressive scratching of the surface?

Thoughts like that then affirm to myself that I’m still kind of a geek. Or maybe this is closer to nerd. The most pleasant thought at the end of it is that the cold war is long over. And while we have terrorist fragments on the brain when consuming the news, at least we have a more mathematically sound concept that Earth is a lot tougher of a cookie to crack than we may have imagined.

Just don’t read about violent stars:

Claytoon! [ Clayton Wilchowy ]