Geeks for weeks!

Entertain yourself, if you dare.

Don’t reach for that mushroom! (too late)

Enter the second last two-part feature in the short lived strip of Detachable Head Guy. He did however carry on in my Crop Crushers of the 23rd Century comic covered WAYYYYyyyy back in this blog. This biting post in it’s charged political climate was a statement about the insanely steep theater style classrooms at the University of Manitoba at the time. I know, deep, eh? Every observation is a valid one (unless its wrong!)

One other comment, Mario and Luigi pardon me, Beario and Mushwigi (no trademark infringements here) had an obvious guest appearance in this episode. It strikes me how these characters are just as relevant today as they were, what, 19 years ago? Already an iconically established property back then 🙂

Detachable Head Guy - the Mario Cameo

– Claytoon! [ Clayton Wilchowy ]