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On Clutching Golden Cheeks

So what do you do with something when you’re just getting into your groove? End it of course :s Sigh, thus was the case with Detachable Head Guy. It was the end of the school year, and I figured if I did go back (I actually followed a divergent path) there would always be something new to try out. Thus Detachable Head Guy needed an exit strategy. And this two parter is it. Odd job squad? I spent many an hour making good money doing a wildly assorted list of things. From rolling harvested grass on a sod farm to digging a 40 foot trench (2 feet deep) through tough soil and packed rock. It wouldn’t be right to spare DHG an unusual task (at minimum wage).

And that famous Winnipeg wind (still famous for me, 20ish years later) made for just the right recipe for a cliff hanger plot. A little more dangerous than forgetting the old bean on a bus seat. Stay tooned for the final episode. And the other art goodies to follow! But first, let’s check in on our happish hero.

Detachable Head Guy cleans golden boy

– Claytoon! [ Clayton Wilchowy ]