Geeks for weeks!

Entertain yourself, if you dare.

Today’s web to-do bucket list

It feels like one of those days were I reflect on my electronic life to date, and create a bucket list of things I still need to do once on-line. There have been, and always will be a lot of fads of ways to interact with and consume the Internet. Trolling Redit. discovering YouTube comments threads (and averting thine eyes afterwards). Not even thinking about going on ChatRoulette (but knowing it’s there). The common thought in all of these things sum up to the overall experience of living life on the web.

How you do it, or what there is to do, changes drastically over a relatively short period of time. Have you ever been a member of a Quake clan? Or an actual contributor on Wikipedia? What you can do will depend on what’s around at the moment. To celebrate web life, consider making a bucket list of things you should eventually do (or do again). For the moment, here’s my top 5, in no particular order.

  1. Get back on SecondLife and do more than just fly around for 5 minutes. At least visit one store.
  2. Reinstall 3Dmailbox and use it as my primary email interface. I’ve never had a more compelling time checking email.
  3. Using Google Translate to help me play and win at partypoker and celebrate by shouting “Juhu!” All in a UStream of course :s
  4. Actually play Minecraft! My kids do it all the time but me? I’ve yet to build on brick.
  5. Successfully record and post at least one Podcast. That’s what the betweenthegeeks dream was all about! Still gonna happen 😉

That’s five for now, what items would you do on your bucketlist?