Geeks for weeks!

Entertain yourself, if you dare.

Sorry kids, looks like it’s inorganic milk again tonight

I’ve been compelled twice this week to snap a pic at some of the more outlandish details while out shopping. And no, I’m not done my Christmas shopping. To get in the mood for it I’ve been practicing with the grocery shopping. So I was enlightened to a new form of milk on my last excursion to the Mart of Wal. Organic Milk! When I’d saw the advertisement  my first thought was “isn’t all milk organic?”. Followed by “isn’t that a gross thought?” Which lead to a flashback of a conversation I overhead (in line waiting to pay some time) in which one guy was explaining to the other how ‘man’ is the only creature who drinks the milk of another creature, as adults no less…

Then I looked down at the price. Thus the title, time for a round of ‘inorganic’ goodness in a glass!