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Sketch of the Day: Kewl-aiiihhh maybe I’ll pass

Alright, here’s a fresh sketch from today. There’s a few times a year where my thoughts linger to the Kool-Aid man. Must have been all those after-school-cartoon commercials the likes of ABC/NBC threw our way as kids. Cable, go figure.

The intrigue behind Kool-Aid man for me has always been this. He (used to) bust through walls, yell “Oh Yeah!” then share a bunch of his kool-aid with the kids. Then I’d think of him busting through the wall again. All the nails, splinters, asbestos?, and even mummified birds and bees nests that may be in said wall.

Thus! I decided to draw (a few times over the years) what that kool-aid may have really looked like: