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Red Raven Saga – Part 3 (of 3) aka. Sketches of the Day

After a couple of points of contact, then an attempted call or two Chuck and I lost touch, and I wrapped up my character study and sketches of Red Raven and continued on with my own techno-artistic pursuits. Oddly enough, while we didn’t connect again in Toronto the next time I bumped into Chuck was at the airport in The Pas (our hometowns) coming up to New Years. Both of us back for the holidays and catching a plane (THEN jet) to TO.

Chuck said he had been nose deep in character deals with Nelvana animation studio who were going to produce a Red Raven cartoon. He showed me character profs in vivid colour on acetate sheets. They were awesome, and it appeared he had been busy!

I kept watch for it, but Red Raven never did make it to air. TV was a fickle business, I was learning. I had my own ‘ins’ at Nelvana at the time. Well, potential ‘ins’ anyways. And out of school I ALMOST had a job their, but declined when I learned it was to do shift work on Babar’s pants colouring duties. 4pm – midnight or midnight to 8am, $10 dollars an hour in a city where I’d need 5 roommates to get buy on that wage.

Still, those memories of almost-beens make for some great salad day thoughts. Here’s a few other Red Raven sketches.