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Sketch of the Day – Grahme vs. Stepdad

Been a couple of days without a post! So I decided we need a fresh sketch. I put out an A.P.B. after supper for a challenge draw between me and the kids. Grahme was my only taker. We discussed the rules – he didn’t want to draw on the same sheet so we decided to do it separately. Said which way we were pointing, and that we were supposed to attack each other. He initially did an ink sketch – some┬ánefarious┬ádude with a syringe gun. After a quick briefing with mom he decided to experiment with different pencil leads and weights. Which brings us to this kung-fu-panda-like setting. I did Bucket and Detachable Head Guy (head only in frame) with pencils then ink, and we combined in Photoshop. Watcha!