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Sketch of the Post Turkey Day

Alright, decided to get back in the saddle as Christmas is over and the New Year is upon us. So I’m going to share a quick sketch today.

Annoying Man. When I reflect on his origins (in my mind) I can’t help but credit Richard Dean Anderson a bit. See, he’s probably about 12% a rip off of MacGyver. See I was a HUGE MacGyver fan growing up. My most memorable getaway scene was when Mac was being abducted by some goons in the back of a Chinese food delivery van. Where better to find a few stray packets of soy sauce – the salt of which makes a pretty mean distraction when squirting it in the eyes of your captors (didn’t know there was a recap. Seriously! Just Googled it).

It takes a man to defend himself with unlikely plastic packets. Just like it takes a man to pull off ‘intimidation’ with a feather duster (seen below).