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How Annoying Man got annoying, Step 6

Here we go from end to beginning. A case study into the creative birth process from finish to start. That’s right, we’re going backwards. Kind of like Mearth from Mork & Mindy. In writing a comic you have to come to know your characters as in-and-out as possible. So it’s important they have a back story, personality traits & faults; the whole SHA-bang.

With this in the mind of my writing the first FULL SIZED issue of Cropcrushers of the 23rd Century I’m doing my research into where Annoying Man began. And was extremely surprised at the base idea node. No spoilers here however – you’ll have to stay with me to step 1 to find that out.

The image below is an example of one of the last stage concepts sketches from when I was coming up with the charter. An incident grants him his… powers? Capabilities anyways. And based on that life event there are repercussions. For instance, I decided to make him and extremely attractive man. After the incident he finds his good looks extremely hideous. One action he takes to correct this is to permanently stain his lips and mouth-surrounding with Orange Crush (well, a no-name equivalent anyways).

Now the incident also leave’s him maimed; ala the loss of his left pinky finger. Ingenuity and luck sees that fixed though with theĀ installationĀ of a two-pronged plug (have to break off the ground prong) powered by potato-clock technology.

Who’s that other guy in the corner? Annoying Man was supposed to be nerdly to start. What about the dogs? That tidbit (which didn’t make the final cut) will come soon. But basically at this point I had a flushed out character and first solid design. I’ll provide the write up after it’s OCRed, or if I muster up the power of Cortez Peters and type it out. Annoying Man did eventually have the cape cut though. Knee pads added. Became less buff, and donned his bright rubber ducky cover shirt.

Stay tooned for next post where we devolve a little further along the path of where exactly does Annoying man come from – the creator’s point-of-view.