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How Annoying Man got annoying, Step 5


Last post we looked at the end point of solidifying who exactly this Annoying Man character is. Now we’ll move one step back in the process to get closer to the raw origins.

This sketch is one of the earlier renderings. In the processes of doing this I made a couple of important observations. First off, colours. Right? The idea is that Annoying Man chose to create an extremely ugly (annoying) costume to look at. A visual distraction to work in his favour. In making this hideous thing though I realized that the joke may wear thin on a reader after awhile and make people not want to look at it. Thus the redesign from last post.

Annoying Man also had a cape originally, which served a very good purpose. His original side-kick is/was Titanium Dog – the Canine Cranium Crusher. Basically a dog, who at Annoying Man’s bidding, would come ’round back, bite down on the cape, then turn into an unmoving titanium statue. In a large scale fight having a hard piece of metal flailing around on a rope (cape) behind oneself seemed like a good wildcard battle technique.

The sketch comes from a fairly detailed page of notes (seen below. As mentioned last post – will OCR at some point and see if Acrobat laughs at my penmanship). It includes important points like the use of a popcorn gun to shoot at open mouths (to get stuck in a throat) and the fact that the moment any fight starts off Annoying Man’s standard first volley is to dump a bag of marbles on the ground.

Heh, just in writing this I’m realizing how much of an influence Three Stooge humour played upon my mind.

So here’s a step back in the evolution. A little raw, in need of a visual redesign, but a lot more thought-out detail.

Next post will turn a different direction. See, Annoying Man was actually a spin-off creation to compliment another character-slash-weapon who came before. Next post we learn about the amazing Yo-yo Bug Boy. Stay tooned!