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How Annoying Man got annoying, Step 4

Alright, it’s time to travel further upstream to the origins of Annoying Man. Now this is the (potentially funny/ironic) divergent part. Annoying Man is not seen pre-step 5. Well, not until my big Inception-like reveal.

See, Annoying Man was cooked up as a complimentary character to his sidekick Yo-yo Bug Boy. And Yo-yo Bug Boy is not even a character. Well not a hero anyways. He does have a lot of character and soul, but technically Yo-yo Bug Boy is a weapon. Think of him like… what if Mjölnir (Thor’s hammer) was alive on the hammer end, and has a retractable string around it’s waist instead of a handle.

Power set? Provides limited flight to the wearer. Pack’s a mean wallop when you’re sacked upside the head with him. He is, however, not an inter-dimensional portal when spun. Instead Yo-yo Bug Boy gives off a range of pitch whirrrrring noises that have mild hypnotic influences and can control dogs to a degree. Gotta love science.

And Yo-yo Bug Boy was a complimentary character weapon to the roughly-thought-out-one-day Captain Too Big (who never actually made the cut). Life’s about balance. When you have a stereotyped superhero who’s a bit too muscle bound to do the dexterous things, you provide a set of mini hands (with lots of heart and mind) to take care of the details.

Next post, we’ll rewind even further down the path of: to create a superhero (or two).