Geeks for weeks!

Entertain yourself, if you dare.

How Annoying Man got annoying, Step 3…2…

And we’re back! It’s continued to be a busy couple of days; but I finally find myself in some transitionary moments to pinch out another post. And since we’re talking about pinching, you may notice from the sketch below that we’ve got some o dat going on! Gaze in amazement as Captain Too Big attempts to hold a pill bottle in one hand, while dreaming he can clasp the cap and twist successfully with the other.

Yes, muscles.

One of the things you’ll get when mixing being a self-styled illustrator and reading a bunch of comic books – you will probably end up drawing big ol’ muscles. When you think of muscles and comics it’s actually a bit absurd. I remember seeing wheel-chair bound Charles Xavier being blasted clean of his chair and his shirt, only to sport a six pack of abs I’ll never have. And his power is mental! Maybe his passion was taking Body Breaks to heart? (with Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod)

Okay, so he may exercise. We’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. And to show off that chiseled bod like all the other heros, one must draw the cape-types in super tight uniforms. This is being addressed a bit these days in comics, slowly. Yet great examples remain, like the new Superman costume for the upcoming movie. Where is the cellphone pouch? (cape). Snack bag and pocket for keys? (cape?).

When I was first sketching out the Too Big character he was to be a parody of the muscle-bound, skin tight tropes that we all know and love. Just exaggerate it to the absurd, like Monty Python might do.

In the end I got to draw hyper-exaggerations, which I love to do, and was able to entertain myself to boot. And then a funny little guy wound up in the right hand corner of the page. Yo-yo Bug Boy was basically a tool – an assistant to help open the bottle after half a city block was wiped out in the attempt. No backstory. He still doesn’t have an alter-ego name (or alter-ego at all for that matter).

Yo-yo Bug Boy was born.

And that’s it for step 3 AND 2! Yeah, I wound up putting a few extra media links in the last post so cut things short. Bonus; as we’re one last step now to the big reveal! Stay tooned!