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How Annoying Man got annoying, Step 1

The final chapter! And this may prove to be the most abstract. So let’s commence with the bizarro drawing first then follow it up with the explanation.


This may need a quick recap if you’re just jumping on now. We’ve been exploring the creation of the idea of Annoying Man; fearless leader of the Cropcrushers of the 23rd Century. We’d seen some of his first sketches, then pre-sketches featuring Captain Too Big and Yo-yo Bug Boy. Like skipping a rock, his conception was a number of linear idea jumps.

In flipping back through that sketchbook where the originals were I happened to go back one page further and find this (image above). Back in the days at Seneca College I was taking a course in Visual Psychology. One of the assignments was to create a mask that represented ourselves. At that point, I decided to have a wear-able mask of concentric circles of different colours, textures and constructs. ‘Cause I’m complex, y’know. Layers. Like an ogre! Like and onion.

The mask was complete with some crazy labour after a trip to a medical supply store for some plaster cast goods, and a panning-for-materials jaunt to a Value Village in Scarborough. It was successfully produced and earned me a decent mark.

What I didn’t notice until a few days ago – or made the relation, is the bit of coloured drawing on the top, left of the planning sketch. The red and black side of the face is what eventually became the face of Annoying Man!. The blue and yellow are Yo-yo Bug Boy’s colours too. And while I admittedly have to add part of the influence was not having a grand array of colours to choose from (well actually, I did have lots) – I just find discovering this coincidental drawing years later a bit… uncanny.

Happy accident! And while I’m getting all psycho-analytical about the whole thing – isn’t it also a coincidence that the accidental idea birthplace of Annoying Man is a result of a visual psychology project?¬†Psychoanalysis of a psychology based project?¬†¬†Inception I tells ya.