Geeks for weeks!

Entertain yourself, if you dare.

Dwarf language challenge to WIN, WIN, WIN!

Been needing to post for a while, so let’s make this one a doozy!

Recently we had a family outing to watch The Hobbit. I’d read the book a couple of times, and had fairly recently finished reading it with the boys. Grahme, wanting to learn the ways of the true geek, didn’t get enough just reading it. Needing more, he translated the moon letters from the Dwarf map to the Lonely Mountain’s secret entrance. Then days later, validated his translation efforts LIVE WHILE WATCHING THE MOVIE! (I guess he forgot reading the solution in the book :s)

Anyways, challenge? Win? Well, Grahme and I came up with a riddle, in the spirit of Bilbo and Gollum’s high-stakes game. Then Grahme translated it to to Dwarf language! The challenge? You adoring fans/readers/stray net trollers are challenged to translate the riddle, then answer it!

Winners will receive the right to request a custom drawing both from Grahme and from me. Just keep your requests reasonable. Want a caricature? Just email a pic (you or victim). Unicorns fighting Go-Bots? May have some sketches along those lines already. First to post the correct translation and solution wins! Here you go: