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Sketch of the Day – Pole DanGCer

Time for a fresh sketch, hot off the left-handed presses! I’ve been stewing over this fact the last few days. Of the ranks of the Cropcrushers of the 23rd Century, I had yet to enlist a female heroine. So who to make? Who to add? Someone that would reflect well on women in comics, and not be a sexist trope?

How about a pole dancer?

Or make that Pole dancer. There are not many Polish women to be found in the history of Marvel or DC (that I know of off-hand). Add some handy, telescoping sticks that can turn her into a vaulter, practical ninja (they always fight with stuff like that), and even a quick-assemble scaffolding when required. She’s a Pole! She’s a dancer! She’s a danger to menacing villains! She’s a… Pole DanGCer?!?

poleDangcerI know I’ll have to modernize the outfit, but not bad for a first go đŸ™‚