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Sketch of the Day – Wings of Light, Claws of Darkness

Years ago I read a very good novel series by Frank Peretti. This Present Darkness and Piercing The Darkness. The books read like two plots overlapping each other, switching from the main storyline happening in the earthly realm, and the conjoining plot of angel/demon war in the spiritual realm. Both impacting each other even regionally, like an overlapping 5th dimension.

I know, I know.

The 4th dimension is time.

Anyway, some years later I had the idea to write a comic book along pretty much those same lines. You would follow plot in one realm, then there’s be a transitional flow where you would start to see the merging realm of focus as a semi-transparent, black-and-white (okay, grey scale) overlay, that would then switcharoo to the new realm of focus, then the outgoing dimension would fade out.

It’s still a great idea (in my mind) – uhhh, just have to do it! The concept made for some great sketching time. I found I’d much rather draw angels and demons than the human world part though. So many more parts to cross-hatch!