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Live Action gets me everytime

I’ve come to realize that live action trailers for games gets me every time. This all started back with the Halo commercials which I was a total sucker for. I want to be immersed in a game and these “mini movies” just added to the feeling. Last week I posted the Resistance 3 live action trailer which brought back those same feelings for me. It made me excited for a game I hadn’t cared about at all. In that case after some thought I realized that I would almost certainly end up liking the trailer more than the game.

Now this Metroid trailer arrives and does it to me again.

Metroid Live Action Trailer

I have realized in the last 2 weeks that I love Metroid. As a child I played them and found them very hard, very lonely and kind of scary. Now be aware that this love isn’t as hardcore as some. For along time I honestly kind of forgot about these games. The upcoming release of Metroid Other M has rekindled this love. I want to go back and play the 3 Prime games. I had tried Metroid Prime when it had come out but it didn’t click at that time. What’s different now you ask? I think it is because I’m kind of sick of games with squads, open worlds, and whatever the latest design fad is. I want old school gameplay (which to me is unforgiving, with no hand holding), a sense of me against the game on my own. No wisecracking partner, no escort missions, no chainsaw guns, and especially no multiplayer.

I wonder if this is a natural response of mine as I get older and busier. I don’t want to babysit an AI partner anymore. I also don’t have any longing for multiplayer lately. Who wants to deal with people who are rude, crude, or simply would rather shoot a teammate in the back than work together. There is enough of that in the real world so why would I come home to relax and then deal with it some more. Red Dead Redemption really sealed the deal for me on that front. I was randomly killed on a regular basis by my “posse” members and other folks of ill repute.

OK rant over.

Have a good weekend all!