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Sketch of the Day – newest Garbage Pail Kid!

Inspiration. As I may have alluded once or twice in this blog – it comes from strange places.

Today I was shuttling some of the kids around to various fun events. During one of those shuttle periods I happened to be listening to a CBC Radio comedy sketch. In it I learned the term “YOLO” for the first time. “You Only Live Once“. Instantly I was annoyed by the term, even more than LOL ever has evoked.

I was curious why I hadn’t heard the term before. Was it new, or had I missed the boat on some new social media generated acronym? Having to shuttle the kids, I decided to inquire from my 14 year old step-daughter and her friend.

Instant groans and laughs. Found out (from them) that it perhaps hit the kids scene a little more than a year ago? I’ll have to confirm, but I got the sense it was instantly despised-yet-way-over-used.


I also happend to have (created) the chance to eat a tangerine today. To tell you the truth, I don’t think I’ve ever had one before. By the way, I say “created” in the last sentence because I saw them at Walmart yesterday. On sale – cheaper than oranges. That had opportunity written all over it.

Having no memory of ever eating one, I was prepared for an awe inspiring new-taste-of-heaven. Meh. It tasted like an orange.

For some reason my disappointment lead me to remember the last good mention I’d heard the word tangerine in. First thought? That girl in the Garbage Pail Kids movie.

YOLO. Garbage Pail Kids. I instantly thought of a new Garbage Pail Kid – and thus (drum rolling), YOLO ONO was born.