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Entertain yourself, if you dare.

Inter-rude. Okay, just interlude

I guess it would be “rude” if I was terribly interruptive of an amazing thread of posts streaming out of this blog. There may actually be some truth to that, though none that you, the reader, would see. I’ve been strangely silent the last two months.

The truth of the interruption? I’ve actually been cooking at a secret project spawned by a compadre of mine. It’s officially at “the URL’s been bought!” stage, so stay tooned for something new (and amazing) shortly. Therein lies the truth to the interruption. I’m interrupting my own secret co-project (and about time!).

And to share? For you? Some art? I was asked to do some large format tree drawings some time back by the folks at Kidz Church. I drew one, then played with textures and shadows to make the iterations. Tree drawings aren’t nearly as obviously exciting as angry faces and daring angles that comic book illustrations bring. The appreciation is much more subtle. I spent time studying branching schemes, and also comparing and contrasting the roots from the above-ground plume of branches. There is some amazing fractal math at work, with what I believe is required noise and deviation that goes into making a tree shape. Local effect and environmental adaptation (side of most sun, bug attack of 1972)? All in all it’s amazing to study the complex structure of a tree when you start to consider what goes where, and why.

BTW if you can’t tell, yeahhh… I didn’t draw every single branch. And the roots are especially bare. In real life you get all those little hangy, like-hair roots (that you usually clean off a carrot. yuck.)

The original single tree is 300 dpi at 3300w 5100h pixels.