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OS X time travels into the negaverse

This time travel note goes way beyond Time Machine. See I’ve been running OS X Lion since it’s launch, skipping Mountain Lion due to lackluster acceptance at the time it came out. No harm no foul.

I’ve been working on an iOS application recently and had updated my iPad with iOS 7 early (out of eagerness to play). That done, I found I couldn’t publish test apps to the iPad without upgrading all related software. Including Xcode, and as it turns out OS X.

Made the plunge and put Mountain Lion on now. A curious thing happened during the update. 34 minutes remaining. Then 33 minutes. 20. 11. you know the drill. I was eager to see things complete once the installer had me down to “less than a minute”. And then.


Minus 1. Minus 2. What? The installer actually went to -4 seconds, then rebooted, then went to 19 minutes, after which it slowly wrapped up and was successful/complete.

Bizarre though, and a little unnerving when you’re entire OS is on the line. Remember getting mad at Windows when the estimated time slowly crept up/got slower? Just a reminder that as much as a societal love-child your computer platform might be (Apple. I enjoy you/am annoyed by you), everything’s got its quirks :s