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Kinect and the Communist Telecommunication Industry

Well we are one week away from the launch of Microsofts Kinect. Wii mini games aside I’m big on this. I’m a huge fan of future tech and this is it in my opinion. And it’s not that bad price wise. Being 36 years old I still remember the days of mix tapes(yes tapes not cd’s) and phones with cords. Heck I even had a party line at my first house growing up. And no party line isn’t some disturbing 1-900 chat line it was the socialist approach to telecommunications. You shared one phone line with several of your comrades..err I mean neighbors. How did it work? Did everyone just all pick up the phone each time it rang? Was it just tin cans tied to strings? First I’ll ruin your mental image…no tin cans on strings. Second, each house had their own ring(ie. 1 long, 1 short at our house). And for how it worked, not bad unless you had any teenagers or nosy people in your area. Good luck with that. Nosy people would just quietly pick up their receiver and listen to everyone’s conversation. Teenagers would just talk on the phone for hours meaning no one else could use the phone. Holy Stalin’s Breakfast!!! I know your thinking how did we survive in such dark ages? Well, it wasn’t easy but I tell myself that is was all good preparation for the coming zombie apocalypse where we will all be cut off from the world as a whole.

But back to Kinect. Growing up at the time I did with no cell phones, laptops(or even no home computers till I was a teen), etc etc. I guess I’m stilled wowed by voice recognition and a 3d camera that allows me to pretend I’m in Minority Report in my house for less then $200. Will the games for it be long term fun? I’m not sure but the giddy feeling of talking to my electronics and actually having them react as opposed to now when I just swear at my furnace and it sits there biding it’s time to rise up against me is super exciting.