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Sketch of the Day: Randomness

Truely a random day. Busy with odds and ends today, but wanted to do at least a bit of sketching with Grahme. We were having ‘the talk‘ (you know, shading/shadows) and decided to have a bit of fun on our pages. I was challenged to create the hero Baby Gaga, who wound up being a puppet. Really rough sketch to…

Sketch of the Day – Cropcrushers development

Hey all, another quick check-in with images and news of creative developments. I’m sharing some images today ’cause there’s nothing wrong with some eye-candy. But the big news of the week is from the writing front. I’ve finally got my story writing complete for the first full issue of Cropcrushers of the 23rd Century. It will be 22 pages of…

Sketch of the Day

Today’s drawing of the day. There’s only one more villain as slippery as the notorious Man-o-Worms. And he doesn’t come out in the daytime (Sgt. Shingle Slugg!).  This Lumbricus Terrestris has your number! Stay tooned for appearances in upcoming publications of the Cropcrushers of the 23rd Century!